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How does it work?

To get an idea of how everything works, from signing up to accessing the vehicle to paying for your bookings, check out our How it Works page. There's even a video to watch if you don't feel like reading.

Who can become a member of GreenShareCar?

Any licensed driver with 12 consecutive months driving experience is able to join GreenShareCar. We do not accept learner licenses or P1 (red P plate) licenses. P2 (green P plate) licensed drivers must provide their own P Plates.

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How long does it take to become a member?

It takes approximately 5 minutes to complete a GreenShareCar membership application form online and your application should be approved within 1 or 2 business days. We will then send you your SmartCard in the post, giving you access to our entire fleet!  Please be aware that as of the 1st of January 2016 Australia Post delivery times have changed and your welcome pack will take 3-5 days to arrive. 

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Do I have to submit an application online?

Yes. To become a GreenShareCar member you must apply online.  

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What types of vehicles are there to choose from?

The majority of our fleet is made up of Hyundai i30s. Our fleet also includes a large range of choice; Jeep Compass, Hyundai Accent, Toyota Prius C, Toyota Corolla, Toyota HiAce, Toyota Yarris and Hyundai iMax (8 seat).     

Cars and Locations      

Can I smoke in GreenShareCars?

No. Smoking is strictly prohibited in GreenShareCars. This is to keep our vehicles smelling fresh and clean!

Can I take my pet in GreenShareCars?

No. Pets are strictly prohibited in GreenShareCars due to allergies that affect certain people when it comes to animals.

Can I join GreenShareCar if I have a Foreign Driver's Licence?

Of course! If you have a valid foreign driver's licence you are able to become a GreenShareCar member as long as you have had 12 consecutive months of driving experience. Your insurance excess may be higher if a vehicle is damaged while you have it reserved, see the Member User Agreement for details.

Member User Agreement

Are GreenShareCars Automatic or Manual?

Automatic. All GreenShareCars have an automatic transmission to suit all member's driving needs.

What does Membership Cost?

Membership fees vary depending on the GreenShareCar rate plan that members have selected. Members will be charged their membership fee based on the anniversary of their sign up date. If you are no longer a student after the initial year then your account will be switched to a casual membership. 

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Can I have more than one driver on my GreenShareCar account?

Yes. Every private GreenShareCar account can have up to four additional drivers and any company can have an unlimited number of drivers, they just need to apply using the Sign up as an Additional Driver link on the Join Now page. There is no extra charge for additional drivers. 

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How does insurance cover work?

We include comprehensive insurance for all our members. We do charge an excess if a vehicle is damaged while you have it reserved, as shown in the Member User Agreement. You have the option of paying an additional fee to reduce this excess amount by selecting 'Optional Insurance' when you make a reservation.

Member User Agreement

How do tolls work?

All our vehicles have e-tag readers so you don't need to buy one or bring your own. We get a bill from the toll authority once a month and automatically charge the tolls to whichever account had the vehicle booked when it was on a toll road. You will see the tolls on your account at the end of the month with detailed descriptions of where & when the toll was incurred.

How far in advance can I book a GreenShareCar?

You can jump online and book a GreenShareCar up to 3 months in advance or at the very last minute.

Will a GreenShareCar be available when I want to use one?

Yes. We have GreenShareCars located all over Melbourne. If your preferred car is unavailable, all of our cars are within walking distance of each other. The process of picking up a regular rental car can take over 30 minutes, plus the time it takes you to get to and from the agency. With GreenShareCar you can be driving within a couple minutes.

Cars and Locations

What happens if I am returning the car late?

You can always extend your booking if the vehicle has not already been booked by another member. You can do so from the onboard computer, our mobile website, or just give us a call during business hours. If you are unable to extend your booking, we request that you notify us at least 20 minutes prior to the end of your reservation, as a courtesy to the next driver.

Do GreenShareCars come with baby seats?

No. We do not supply baby seats but each GreenShareCar has the restraint anchor points installed, so members are able to supply their own baby seats/capsules to use in the car.

What happens if I get a parking ticket, speeding fine or any other fine?

Just like if you are driving your own vehicle, if you incur any fines for driving infringements it is your responsibility as the driver to pay for the fine. If you receive a fine you must let us know, it is then up to you as the driver to pay the fine. If GreenShareCar receives a fine in the mail and you were the driver of the vehicle at the time of the offence, we will call you to inform you of the fine and will direct debit the appropriate charges out of your account. An administration charge applies for all fines that are paid by GreenShareCar.

Does GreenShareCar have a minimum booking period?

Yes. GreenShareCar has a minimum booking period of 1 hour.

Does GreenShareCar have a maximum booking period?

You are able to book a GreenShareCar for as long as you like, as long as it does not coincide with another members existing booking. Please note that bookings over a 5 day period need to be approved by GreenShareCar, call us to find out more.

Can non-members drive a GreenShareCar?

No. Only registered members are permitted to drive GreenShareCars. Every driver must submit an application and be approved before getting behind the wheel of a GreenShareCar.

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What if I'm under 25?

Most traditional car rental companies won't rent to you if you're aged under 25 and, if they do, they will charge you extremely high fees. GreenShareCar only requires that you have at least 12 months driving experience and are at least 18 years of age. We charge the same hire rates but higher insurance excess applies depending on your age (see "How does insurance cover work?" above).

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Who pays for petrol?

We do. If you rent through a traditional car rental company, you are responsible for paying for petrol - this is a big advantage of carsharing. GreenShareCar includes up to 150km per day booking, excess distance is charged per KM but that still includes petrol. Every GreenShareCar has a fuel card provided so we pay for the petrol directly.

More questions?

Give us a call at 1300 575 878, we're always happy to help!

Are there any membership fees?

Yes. Membership fees are charged based on the membership plan that you are on. The fee will be charged based on the anniversary of your membership.