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Corporate Responsibility


GreenShareCar is a service based around the ideas of share value and collaborative consumption. It is therefore our vision to provide mobility to entire communities, providing social and economic value and reducing the environmental impact that excessive car ownership has. The Workplace GreenShareCar is dedicated to providing equal and fair employment opportunities within the communities which it operates. Adhering to Australian employment law, GreenShareCar provides all employees with wages that meet industry benchmarks and national legal standards, and will not employ any under age persons. Special consideration is taken in regards to workplace health and safety, ensuring the workplace meets Australian standards and necessary training is provided before engaging in work. There will be no forced, bonded or involuntary labour and the inhumane treatment of employees, both physical and psychological, will not be tolerated. GreenShareCar aims to provide a supportive and engaging environment free from discrimination, giving all employees equal opportunity.


Built upon the basis of collaborative consumption GreenShareCar is dedicated to the reduction of wasteful resources. It is our responsibility to promote such thinking within communities, to minimise the impact which the transport industry has on the environment. We aim to do this through education and encouraging the use of car sharing in conjunction with other alternative forms of transport, such as public transport, walking and cycling. 



GreenShareCar actively seeks the betterment of communities in which it operates by participating in local events and engaging with members of the public. Through this initiative it is able to provide long term solutions to the communities in focus. 


Corporate Governance 

GreenShareCar is committed to conducting business within the guidelines of Australian law. Striving for transparency and accountability, our policies and guidelines are comprehensive and clearly available for all stakeholders via the GreenShareCar website or in hard copy upon request. Corruption, bribery and extortion by any consumer, employee or supplier will not be tolerated as unethical practices are a direct violation of the GreenShareCar vision.


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