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Jetson Green: One9 Apartments sustainable & innovative, including GreenShareCar

The One9 building, a 9-floor apartment building was recently built in Melbourne, Australia in just five days...the building has 34 secure bicycle parking spots, as well as a unique and exclusive GreenShareCar...

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A thorough explanation of the advantages of car sharing and how this new service is becoming a popular trend across Australia.

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GreenShareCar: Australian Review

A review of the GreenShareCar experience by Campbell Simpson, Gizmodo.

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Weekend Notes - GreenShareCar

Melbourne is a great city, in fact it's "The World's Most Liveable City", which we've all heard before but I've moved closer to the city recently and as much as public transport plays a part, I'd love to have access to a car that I don't have to take care of.

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